Rural That Works

September 6 and 7 was our first conference, Rural That Works.

Hosted at Backcountry Winery and Jewell Golf Club everyone enjoyed the small town atmosphere, unique locations and the speakers too.

Keynote presenter was Ben Winchester and each topic was geared for rural people, by rural people.

"Ben's presentation was fantastic! Loved everything he had to say and what a fresh perspective and some teeth to go along with what us small town folks have always known."

What attendees liked:

"Networking, and discussing problems and solutions with others. I loved that participants got to interact with speakers in an intimate setting."

"1) Ben Winchester's presentation 2) the fact that there were attendees there representing communities with a population of less than 1,000 people! 3) great value for content and $ 4) love hearing real experiences from those doing it. 5) love that you highlighted and held the conference in rural towns and heard from those locally."

"Ben's presentation, and the challenge solving activity were my favorites, but I immensely enjoyed the entire 2 days. And an extra bonus was talking to the other fantastic attendees."